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At W. Hardy Drainage Solutions, we pride ourselves on our loyal and expanding client list in the Romford area. In addition to our impressive customer service, we have earned our excellent local reputation due to the multiple benefits that come with our work. In our role as a drain unblocker, we perform emergency drainage procedures to get our domestic, commercial and industrial clients up and running again. But we’re not only a reactive drainage contractor, we also carry out regular maintenance work to minimise the chances of blocked toilets, pipes and systems by performing CCTV drainage surveys.


For the benefit of our new and returning clients alike, we have outlined below some of the benefits they receive when undertaking the services we provide as a drainage contractor.


Advantages to Our Drainage Work


1. CCTV Drainage Surveys

When it comes to CCTV drainage surveys, the primary benefits include an accurate diagnosis with a swift turnaround. By using the latest in CCTV technology, we can feed a camera through most types of pipework while a specialist drain unblocker on the surface watches the footage in real time on a screen. Due to the clarity of the full colour images, we identify problems instantly and accurately, eliminating the need for guesswork and trial-and-error.


As an added benefit, this non-invasive procedure not only negates the need for excavation at the first step, it also cuts the length of time it used to take to complete most services, be it planned or emergency drainage work. Naturally, this saves our Romford clients money in labour costs.


2. Pipe Re-Lining

Much like CCTV drainage surveys, the primary benefit of pipe re-lining remains the avoidance of costly and disruptive excavation work. A significant amount of storm water pipes and sewer drains lay in the ground beneath buildings, concrete patios and driveways as well as features like swimming pools. Undertaking repair work without disrupting such areas always has its benefits.


In addition, the resin used in pipe re-lining offers outstanding longevity against future corrosion and leaks. In turn, this helps to reduce the likelihood of emergency drainage situations such as blocked toilets and pipes for many years to come. Finally, the pipe relining that we provide as a drainage contractor delivers swift, reliable results. Within 5 minutes of curing, pipes in Romford have complete imperviousness to water.


3. Planned & Emergency Drainage

By undertaking regular maintenance checks on their drainage systems, our clients in Romford drastically reduce the likelihood of needing the emergency drainage services of a drain unblocker. By scheduling one of our CCTV drainage surveys, property owners pre-emptively avoid the costs, disruption and stress that come with blocked toilets, pipes or, even worse, issues like tree root intrusion and pipe collapse.


In avoidable emergency drainage situations, the primary advantage of our work as a drainage contractor remains the swift resolution of the problem. While we understand the temptation to try and solve the issue yourself, it’s near impossible to do so safely without the relevant expertise, let alone not being able to see the problem itself. As a time-served drain unblocker, we have the experience required to clear blocked toilets, pipes and drainage systems with minimal delay.


To view examples of our team at work across our complete range of drainage services, please visit the gallery page.

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