CCTV Drainage Surveys in Chelmsford | A Closer Look at Drainage Investigations


CCTV drainage surveys represent a key aspect of the services we provide as a drainage contractor in the Chelmsford area. Whether in the domestic, commercial or industrial sector, property owners want to keep their drainage systems fully operational at all times. Avoiding issues such as blocked toilets and pipes, tree root intrusion and pipe fractures drastically reduces the likelihood of the disruption and stress associated with emergency drainage situations. Here at W. Hardy Drainage Solutions Ltd, we provide a reliable 24-hour callout service as a drain unblocker, but we aim to reduce the need for such work with extensive, regular drain investigations.


While we prioritise the use of CCTV drainage surveys due to its clarity and immediate results, it isn’t the only technique used to investigate drains. Below, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the methods we use when tackling emergency drainage issues in Chelmsford such as blocked toilets and pipes.


Techniques Used in Drain Investigations


Dye Testing

This procedure involves placing powders or tablets of various colours into different parts of the drainage system to test the flow. This process helps our drain unblockers identify problem areas when the dyed water doesn’t run to the area it should. As a reputable drainage contractor, our clients can rest assured that the dyes we use in no way harm the environment. They remain entirely safe and do not stain the working area.


Dye testing has stood the test of time due to its efficiency and simplicity in a variety of emergency drainage situations. It works particularly well when dealing with water infiltration in more sensitive areas of Chelmsford properties such as cellars.


Drain Flush Testing

As a time-served drainage contractor, we value the simplest of investigation methods. Solving issues like blocked toilets and pipes doesn’t need to become rocket science. As such, the simple act of flushing a toilet can provide our onsite drain unblocker with a wealth of information.


When the toilet gets flushed, the water should run through the pipes beneath the property’s manhole. If this water doesn’t appear, the system likely has a block that needs immediate attention, be it a follow up CCTV drainage survey or a rodding procedure. Not only does this simple approach deliver swift results for blocked toilets and wider systems, it also saves our Chelmsford clients time, money and unnecessary disruption.


Analysis of Water

In cases of water infiltration into subfloors and cellars, it’s possible to collect a sample to have analysed. The results of this sample then determine whether the moisture at hand is foul water, potable water or storm water. By uncovering the source of the water, we can rule out certain problems while focusing on others.


This analysis work isn’t a service we provide as a drainage contractor. It needs to be undertaken at a local laboratory in the Chelmsford area at an additional cost.


Pressure Testing

A common test performed on drainage systems in new builds, our drain unblockers also utilise pressure testing to check the integrity of existing pipes. In order to perform this test, we install a bung at one of the line before filling the upstream section with water. This allows our team to check for cracks and leaks.


A similar test consists of running air through a bung in a system airline. These airlines commonly have connected gauges containing a small amount of water. As the pressure builds, the water rises and will remain in place if the system has no vulnerabilities.


While other methods of drain investigation exist, including ground penetration radar, sonar drain tracing and pipe profiling, the above, along with CCTV drainage surveys, constitute the most common that we perform as a drainage contractor in the Chelmsford area.


To read what our previous clients have had to say about the services and results we provide as a drainage contractor, please visit the testimonials page.

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